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Disadvantages of Carpet Tiles?

Carpet Tile Disadvantages


Carpet tiles are not a good choice to use on steps because they will not adhere to steps very securely. They simply are not designed to work on steps. There are some brands of carpet tiles that have broadloom carpet to match the stairs or steps. Carpet Tile Brands


If you don’t purchase a quality carpet tile to star, you may find that carpet tiles will begin to wear at the seams and start to peel up, causing snags and creating a potential tripping hazard. This can be especially concerning in a commercial environment due to liability issues. We always recommend doing the research and take recommendations from professionals for any commercial application. 


Initially, especially with a quality product, carpet tiles can be more expensive than broadloom installations. As with any quality product, the real savings and advantages are seen on more long-term. Specifically, the ability to replace single carpet tiles in the event of extreme wear or accidental damage reduces the need to replace the entire carpet for significantly longer time frames than broadloom. Also, almost anyone can replace a few carpet tiles without needing to hire a professional. 


Where is it a good idea to avoid installing carpet tiles?

As mentioned above, stairs and steps are not a good idea because carpet tiles do not adhere well in the application. 


Carpet tiles generally will not adhere well to some vinyls, particularly Vinyl Asbestos Tile (VAT). This is because the pressure sensitive adhesive can create a major health hazard later on when tiles are removed. This is because the asbestos can become airborne. 

When in doubt, make sure you have a professional take a look at the situation to make sure none of these issues are present. You will save a lot of time and expense later on. 

Some vinyls may be able to have some preparation to make them applicable for carpet tiles, but it really requires some knowledge of how these products work. 

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