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Choosing Carpet Tiles?

Wondering How To Choose Commercial Carpet Tiles?

Interested in installing carpet tiles in your office or other commercial environment? 

The right solution will depend on a number of different variables that are specific to the location. The main factors will include the amount and type of traffic there will be, design, functionality considerations and cost.

Modern Commercial Tiles
Modern Commercial Tiles


Carpet tiles are available in a number of different colors, designs, and styles. Carpet tiles give you a huge advantage in commercial settings. The biggest advantage is that if an area of carpet gets damaged through heavy use or accidents like snags or chemical spills, each carpet tile is removable and can be replaced. 

Carpet tiles also usually have patterns that work to camouflage normal wear and use patterns, so that when you do need to replace any tiles, they blend in easily and are less noticeable overall. 


Carpet tiles, also known as modular carpet or carpet squares are basically just squares of carpet material on a rubber backing that fit together in a pattern to cover a flooring surface. 

Carpet tiles come in standard sizes of 24″ x 24″ or 18″ x 18″ and even smaller sizes like 12 x 12.” This is a contrast to broadloom, also known as rolled carpet, which comes in wide rolls that are usually between 12 ft to 15 ft in width. Broadloom can be more challenging to transport and install, giving carpet tiles a significant advantage in that regard. 


We install carpet tiles with an adhesive on the back, so it works much like a sticker. That makes it easy to peel the carpet tiles back pretty easily in the case of damage, so you can replace them without much trouble and without any high-level expertise.

Office Commercial Tiles
Office Commercial Tiles


After you have determined the color and design style you are looking for, you will want to take durability into consideration. Different carpet tile varieties are rated differently, depending on the use they are designed for. Some carpet tiles are designed for high traffic use in an office or industrial environment, while others are made for lighter duty use in a home environment. You will want to think about how the tiles are going to be used and make sure that you have appropriate carpet tiles to meet your specific needs, design tastes and budget. 

Spending a some extra money up front to get more rugged carpet than what you really need is a good idea because ultimately, the carpet will last you longer. However, it’s never a good idea to spend too little and get carpet that’s going to wear out quickly. This will be more costly in the mid to long term and you will not be able to rely on the carpet to perform as well as you need. 

For this reason, investing in high quality carpet flooring that’s designed to hold up well over time is the best option. There are plenty of commercial grade flooring options, so always pay attention to traffic ratings, brand reviews and reputation to see which products are the best option for you over time.


Whenever we install carpet tiles, we always recommend purchasing a certain amount of extra tiles depending on the application so our customers will be set for the long-term. When you are able to replace damaged tiles in this way, your overall carpet installation lasts a lot longer because you can replace just the areas that are damaged through normal wear and tear or from accidents as described above. 

We recommend carpet tiles all the time for a number of different commercial settings. At times, carpet tiles make sense for residential applications as well. They are a great choice because the tiles are relatively not very expensive and they allow for replacement in pieces rather than replacing the entire floor. 

Have any questions about carpet tiles and whether they are a good choice for your commercial application? Give us a call!

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