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Luxury Vinyl Tile

Deciding what flooring to use in your commercial space can be a tough choice. In today’s market, there are some many outstanding options available to meet every possible need and aesthetic. However, making the right choice for your commercial space is very important because it will affect the entire environment and aesthetic. 

Luxury vinyl tile makes a great option is you are looking for a durable flooring that also has a very high-end, luxury appearance. Luxury vinyl tile (LTV) is available in a wide variety of designs and options that allow you to create an aesthetic look that meets your needs at minimal cost and maintenance compared to other types of tile. 

Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT):

Aesthetics and Design

LVT is available in a wide variety of designs, styles, shapes and colors, including natural wood and stone that you can use to create attractive geometric shapes and patterns. The benefit here is that you can create similar design aesthetics to solid and hardwood flooring while not exposing your floor to the risk and weaknesses of real wood. 

LVT Durability 

A clear wear layer protects LVT against normal wear and tear that occurs in any environment. The clear wear layer keeps LVT looking like new for a long time and does not require the level of maintenance common in other types of flooring.

Maintenance and Cleaning

For ease of maintenance and cleaning, try the traditional two-bucket system to clean LVT. This is a simple and effective way to clean and maintain luxury vinyl flooring. Using the two-bucket system, you can wash your floor with one bucket containing a neutral cleaner, while the second bucket is used to contain clean water for rinsing. Using the one-bucket method means that you will undoubtedly end up spreading dirt around. 

LVT Wear Layer

Pay particular attention to the thickness of the wear layer. Not all LVT will have a wear layer that is durable enough for your intended use. Therefore, selecting the right wear layer is crucial to maximizing the life and aesthetic of the flooring surface. Make sure you get commercially rated LVT if that is your intended use.

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