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What Are Carpet Tiles?


Carpet tiles are squares of carpeting that are made to adhere to surfaces similarly to standard carpet flooring. Some tile brands adhere to the floors using glue and adhesives, while others may be nailed or stapled into place. Carpet tiles designed for easy installation can save significant time and expense. Not everyone likes the look of carpet tiles, though it can be a great solution for many commercial environments.

Carpet tiles are squares of carpeting that are generally mold and mildew resistant. They are also UV stable and can work very well for applications indoors and out. For these reasons, carpet tiles are a great solution for many flooring needs. 

Carpet tiles are available in more colors, patterns and styles than you can imagine. In today’s market, there’s a carpet tile solution for almost any application, both residential and commercial.

You can find many great low-cost, quick and easy carpet tile solutions to suit your needs. 


Carpet tiles are designed for quick and easy installation. Compared to most carpeting solutions, carpet tiles are at the top of the list for ease of installation and overall performance. Tiles are installed very quickly and easily and are designed for simple care and maintenance. Carpet tile installation is much easier than conventional carpeting because they are much smaller squares, which makes them easy to transport and work with in almost any environment. This is in stark contrast to large rolls of carpet that must be managed throughout the installation process. This reduces the time it takes for installation and the skill level to install carpet tiles revolves more around the process of squaring everything up in a room rather and the labor intensive skills of managing large rolls of carpet. 


For a standard, durable residential carpet tile, there are many available with very contemporary looks and designs. Tiles are available with a soft, plush, nylon surface that will improve the look and feel of any room in your home. 

Other carpet tiles are available with versatile surfaces that stand up to the demands of any medium traffic residential or commercial application. These tiles are available in many styles, as well as vivid and colorful accents to enhance the look and feel of your space. Sports fans will be happy to know that there are carpet tiles available that are actually officially licensed by the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB and others. 

If you have something a little out of the ordinary in mind, some carpet tiles are particularly eye-catching; including some that shine under black lights and are an awesome conversation starter when installed in any room. 


For more heavy-duty commercial areas, there are several products that will improve and protect any office space, garage, weight room, or other heavy traffic walk areas, even some industrial applications. Other tile solutions known as anti-fatigue carpets work very well in commercial environments, workout rooms, or anywhere else where comfort is needed. 

Most standard carpet tiles come with a rubber backing that makes them durable and moisture-resistant. 


Maintaining standard carpeting take so much work that it can be overwhelming for businesses or homeowners. Carpet tile reduces the maintenance needed because all that really needs to be done is regularly scheduled sweeping and vacuuming to remove debris from daily activity. Depending on the level of use, the tile can be washed or shampooed monthly, quarterly, or on whatever schedule meets the needs of the application. Washing and shampooing will remove any built in stains and remove dirt and grime that may have accumulated in the carpet tile. When necessary, you can even take up one or more tiles to either clean them or replace them entirely.

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